PU Foam Injection


Problems related to cracks and fissures in walls, require measures that are quick in action and easy to apply. This helps in ensuring a long life of a wall or surface that may be experiencing cracking. We at Build Core Chemicals, understand this need for a quick fix for a small problem that poses great dangers. With our range of PU injection like PU resin injection & PU foam injection for waterproofing, we ensure that the cracks in walls and surfaces are smoothed without any hassle or extensive labour jobs. The PU foam injection for waterproofing, helps in injecting material into the worn out surfaces which need repairing. After injection the PU foam injection material settles inside and starts to harden, this is an immediate action that the material starts to perform, ensuring that none of the material leaks out, resulting in wastage of binding agent or a weak job in filling out the cracks.

The PU foam injection & PU resin injection for waterproofing are both available at Build Core Chemicals. PU foam injection is an elastic material which means that if there is an expansion in the concrete surface, the filling will not give away. Since the material is elastic, it will expand along with the concrete and keep the binding force steady, thereby upholding the safety of the concrete surface. With the range of products under our brand, we proudly demonstrate trustworthiness. Expertise and experience, giving an assurance to our buyers that they will be supplied with nothing less than the best. Giving a stronger life and stability to your concrete surfaces is a task that we clearly win at with our range of PU foam injection. Our efficiency, innovation and modern approach to our products, viz. PU foam injection & PU resin injection for waterproofing; is what gives us an edge against our competitors and makes us an undefeated player in the industry.

Helping our clients grow by winning their trust with our quality is a trait that we proudly display by means of the range of products that we offer to our clients, because quality assurance is what helps one in establishing a name in an industry that has its roots in building strong. Our range of PU foam injection & PU resin injection is a personification of the quality and trust assurance that we so proudly announce and live up to.

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