Mould Release Agents

Moulds are used for giving shape to concrete or other materials. Generally these moulds are released and reused, saving a lot of time, money as well as effort. In order to be able to release the moulds in an undamaged manner, mould release agents are used. This release agent prevents the concrete from getting stuck or attached to the mould, leaving scope for a repeat use of the mould. We at Build Core Chemicals, understand the value of material costs and efforts that go into the construction of a mould, which is why we strive to give you the best in release agents, making your job that much more easy and stress free.

Build Core Chemicals offers you mould release solutions under the brand names COREMOULD MRA®  and COREMOULD EMULSION® . These brands are developed after intricate research and experimentation to provide you with the best product, that suits your specific needs. The products are finishing agents and may be used on concrete. They come in packs of various quantities ranging from 20 liters to 200 liters. These agents actively help in keeping the concrete from attaching itself to the mould, keeping the mould safe while serving the purpose of moulding the concrete perfectly. The product is developed in such a way that it should be used in a specified quantity for best results, decreasing the chances of wastage of product as well as getting the desired outcome.

We understand your need for a quality product for safe guarding your moulds, we know the importance of re-use and recycling of construction moulds. Which is why our motto at Build Core Chemicals is to provide you with only the best with in the most economical range. Build Core Chemicals works towards a brighter future for its clients backed with the expertise, experience and technical know how. We fulfill your construction needs with our range of release agents and ensure that your experience with us is the best one, compelling you to come back for more. Customer satisfaction with expert product experience is the forte of Build Core Chemicals.

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