Dry Shake Floor Hardeners

We are one of the leading manufacturers of dry shake floor hardeners which are a mix of Portland cement and activated chemicals. Our dry shake floor hardeners have very good abrasive properties and find their use in both commercial as well as industrial flooring applications where floor surface is to be hardened.

Constituents of Dry Shake Floor Hardeners

These contain high grade quartz sand, different additives, mineral and non-metallic aggregates for providing high resistance in industrial flooring.

Benefits of Using These Hardeners

Some of the main benefits of using these dry shake floor hardeners are:

  1. They are able to resist oil, dust, hydrocarbons and rust.
  2. Provide smooth finish and are fiber suppressant.
  3. These can have light reflective properties and resistance to corrosion.
  4. They are abrasion proof and static disseminating.

Where they can be used?

Few of the common places where these hardeners are used include:

  1. Light to moderate duty industrial flooring.
  2. Shops, stores, workshops and warehouses.
  3. Exhibition halls, loading bays and distribution facilities.
  4. Food processing plants and retail outlets.
  5. Aircraft hangars, railway workshops and power stations.

Application Procedure

These hardeners are applied over freshly laden concrete using dry shaking or using the method of Fresh on Fresh topping.

Dry Shaking

In dry shaking the hardeners is sprinkled is applied in 2 stage in case of manual application. However, if a mechanical spreader is used then only a single application works.

Fresh on Fresh Topping

In this procedure water and hardener are mixed with 3 liters of water used for a 25 kg bag of hardener to form homogeneous slurry. This is then poured over the concrete surface and leveled by use of straight edges to achieve desired thickness.

Next step involves floating the hardener with the help of hand trowels in case of corners and edges while using power floats when work is to be done over main surface. Lastly, smooth finish is achieved by using power float which has finishing blades.

Looking to buy dry shake floor hardeners? We have a range of such hardeners for you to choose from depending upon your particular requirement.