Cementitious Grouts


We are one of the leading manufacturers of a wide spectrum of cementitious grouts ranging from non-shrink to high flow grouts and use the latest technology in manufacture of the same. The speciality of our products is that they have high tolerance and can quickly acquire compressive strength.

Application Areas of Cementitious Grouts

  • Structural Steelworks and Machine Foundations
  • Crane Rails and Racking Rails
  • Machine Bases and Concrete Anchors
  • Shuttered Repairing of Structural Concrete
  • For Grouting Units of Pre-Cast Concrete
  • Dry Pack Grouting
  • Pre-Cast Column Footings
  • Cavities, Gaps and Recesses
  • Where Grouting to Provide Flexural Strength and Greater Tensile Properties


Beneficial Properties of Cementitious Grouts

  • Good Flow Characteristics and Chloride Free
  • Excellent Flexural Strength, High Tolerance and Compressive Strength
  • Easy to Mix as well as Place
  • High Early and Ultimate Strength
  • Vibration and Impact Resistance
  • Non-Corrosive and 2-Step Expansion


Usefulness of Cementitious Grouts

Grouted mass normally has better quality and firmness as well as decreased permeability. This kind of grouting can be extremely helpful in lowering the water flow in rock developments under dams and for cementing granular soil for underpinning diverse establishment or for availing support to excavation projects.

In case of underpinning applications, such type of grouting offers significant economic advantage in comparison to other more conventional approaches like replacement and removal or piling. The other advantage of cementitious grouting is that it makes it possible to work at places where there is limited space and accessibility is difficult. In addition to it, this type of grouting can be carried out with the need to disrupt any of the usual facility operations.

Our cementitious grouts are able achieve excellent compressive strength with relatively short period of time and do not shrink. Such features are most ideal for precision machinery grouting tasks and also for setting of anchor bolts as well as other grouting applications for machinery.

If you want to purchase cementitious grouts for any specific requirement you have then you will surely get it on our site. You can also call us for any queries you may have and our customer service representatives will make sure all your queries are cleared.

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